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Has High School Been a Rewarding Experience?

March 6, 2009

I asked this very question in my Grade 12 class the other day and the answer was a resounding NO!!!  It’s sad to see that the students who have reached the pinnacle of their secondary studies have such a negative opinion of it.

Obviously, I then asked what we (the system) could have done to make it more rewarding.  The answer was quite simple…”Let us study the subjects we are interested in!”  Many made it very clear that they there were not enough course selections available and that many were taught at a level that was not suitable for their needs.

It seems to me that students are yearning for a Project Based Learning approach, yet we somehow cannot (will not) move quickly enough to satisfy their (and society’s) needs. I plan on doing my part to try to make my classroom experience more rewarding and relevant.

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