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March 26, 2009

I first saw this a few years ago and found it quite interesting.  A student of mine posted it on the class wiki a few days ago, so I decided to have the class write reflection papers about it.

The papers, so far, have been quite good.  It’s amazing how the students respond to something that is in video form on You Tube.  I am always discussing the same things in class but many of the students said in their papers that the video made them understand the facts more fully.

Anyhow, it is worth watching if you’ve never seen it before.  If you have, it’s good to watch it every now and again to keep things in perspective.

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  1. publius permalink
    April 2, 2009 6:18 pm

    Well, pretty impressive, great presentation, but I think that we are becoming jaded by the stories about the exponential rate of technological advances. Most would just sit back, not reflect on the big picture and just enjoy the lastest generation iphone, Bberry, GTA or whatever latest fad toy. So I commend you for at least trying to force the issue with your students. The message is that the train is leaving the station, you had better get on board.
    But a couple of observations- Firstly the growing proportion of knowledge concentrated in so-called emerging nations is alarming to some- particularly Americans accustommed to super power status, but in a globalized world it is something we can all benefit from. Don’t sweat it.
    Secondly, while on the topic of sweat,those third world sweat shops that make those big screen TV’s still will prop us up to buy those TV because the workers that build them are not paid enough to buy their own product. They do the thinking and we hold their wallets. Not so bad. The way out of this recession seems to be to create another bubble which will inevitably burst again. When will we ever learn?
    I know I said a couple, but thirdly, I was most impressed ( although not in the way I think the video intended) by the slide that stated by 2013 a super computer will have the computational capacity of the human mind. That is startling- with all this exponential advancement the human mind is still holding it’s own- it must really be amazing. Just look at the shennanigans IBM had to go through to finally beat Gary Kasparov at chess.

    • perosevic permalink*
      April 2, 2009 7:07 pm

      Thanks for the comment…

      I especially liked your statement that we will probably create another market-oriented bubble to get us out of this recession. Very funny and probably true!

      Lastly, I have also been amazed at the staying power of the human mind! It’s too bad most of us only utilize 10% of its capabilities.


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