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Not Inspired!

June 1, 2009

It’s been almost 2 months since my last post and, for whatever reason, I just have nothing to say!

My students have gone “bonkers” in the past month or so.  Most of them have decided the semester is over when it is clearly not and some of them are jeopardizing their credits by doing so. Since there are no concrete penalties for this kind of behaviour any more, it is easy to understand what is happening in our schools.

Obviously, the current degradation of standards that has permeated public education in Ontario has started to unveil itself en masse.  Teachers are frustrated, students are manipulating the system and the overall mood is reminiscent of a storm cloud about to burst.

Well, I guess I did have something to say after all.

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  1. publius permalink
    June 7, 2009 9:31 am

    Publius feels your pain. However this last post of yours must be surveyed in the context of about several of your preceding posts – namely the one with the outstanding youtube video and the one where you lament the fact that secondary students are now being foisted on universities notwithstanding a total lack of literacy and work ethic.

    So just some random thoughts.

    1) We all know of the social safety net whereby our caring society will take care of those who are, through no fault of their own (health or misfortune), able to care of themselves. Most people, Publius included, have no problem with this, notwithstanding that the social safety net has now been extended to those unwilling to care of themselves.
    2) What we now have is an academic safety net whereby even those unwilling or unable, are none the less given a free pass TO post secondary education. And it appears will be given a more or less free pass THROUGH post secondary education. – See the Walrus article attached to one of my earlier comments. This is the true embodementof Marx’s “from each according to his ablities to each according to his needs”.
    3) What the forgoing all means, is that as time goes on an undergraduate degree ( being watered down as it is) will continue to have less and less merit and less value in the open marketplace which, Uncle Karl aside, is what really matters.
    4) Dear Mr. Blogger , keep taking solace in your beloved laws of supply side economics. Society will allways be a meritocracy. It is just that that our secondary schools have totally divested themselves from any role in that weeding out process. That’s not right. But that’s politics.
    5) Further Mr. Blogger take solace in those two young men who may have interupted your class this Friday past to show off their robotics accomplishment. One of them is going into nano engineering at UW. That is the future and that is exciting.
    6) They say a truly great teacher does not teach but inspires. But surely they (students) are not all inspirable. But some are. Take further solace in those that are willing and eager to be inspired. It is kind of like that usual lousy round of golf that becomes meaningful only for that one tee shot that you crush down the middle of the fairway. (golf metaphor used for illustrative purposes only- publius hates golf).
    7) Publius thanks you for this opportunity to refer to himself in the third person, ala the Jimmy episode.
    All of which is respectfully submitted.

    • perosevic permalink*
      June 7, 2009 10:07 am

      Well said my friend.

      Each year my frustration with the watering down of the secondary system grows a little more. Politics has triumphed over the integrity of our education system for the time being.

      However, as you mentioned, the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel is taking solace in the fact that some students are being inspired (our robotics team) and once in a while (yesterday for me) a former student e-mails to let you know that you were indeed the source of their inspiration.

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